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The Training Institute at the Kids Hope Alliance provides training for childhood and youth counselors, recreation staff, pastors, parents, mentors, educators, and caregivers. Training topics include a wide range of options. We offer specialty courses, hot topics, and seasonal courses. We are authorized to distribute CEs and CEUs. 



  • Stewards of Light: Ending Child Sexual Abuse  – Building a safer community by preventing child sexual abuse. A training session for childcare providers, teachers, case managers, law enforcement, and medical professionals to learn the facts, minimize opportunity, open conversation, recognize the signs, and how to react responsibly. Learn More Here


  • Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) – The Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential™ is based on a core set of competency standards, which guide early care professionals as they work toward becoming qualified teachers of young children. The Council works to ensure that the nationally-transferable CDA is a credible and valid credential, recognized by the profession as a vital part of professional development. The learning process includes over 120 hours of learning,  more than 450 hours of professional practice and ending with a computer-based exam.
  • Foundations Infant/Toddler Curriculum – Infants and Toddlers are ripe for learning the building blocks of all child development. Through four classes, early childcare teachers (and any caregiver) can easily understand this curriculum to replicate with the children in their care. The classes move through Language, Relationships, Music & Movement, Senses & Perception.
  • CWEEP Certification (for Early Childcare) – This 3 part series provides early childcare centers with the information and knowledge to work with children who have been involved with the child welfare system. The courses include Child Welfare 101, Trauma-Informed Care, and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). This certification is being provided in partnership with The Kids Hope Alliance, Early Learning Coalition, and Family Support Services.


  • “THIS!” The Hand in Success Youth Worker Certificate – This dynamic and interactive 21 hour series guides adults into self-reflection of their role as caregivers and the values that guide their work. By the end of this series, the goal is that adults work alongside children and youth to help them achieve their greatest potential. There are 7 courses in total for participants to learn together in cohorts with their peers.
  • Introduction to Mentoring – A training workshop geared towards preparing first-time mentors for their relationship building experience. This workshop is offered in partnership with mentoring agencies across the First Coast.
  • The RULES of Listening include SODAS  – Active listening is one of the most difficult skills to attain but one of the most used in working and volunteering with youth. Avoid unintentional harm by applying these 5 strategies into your listening and helping skills. Not only will you see immediate changes in your relationship with children and youth but even those closest to you!
  • Breaking the Cycle: Adultism  – Discussion around cultural sensitivity and competency is the norm in the 21st century to better serve all people. Unfortunately, there is a sub-cultural group that often gets overlooked both literally and metaphorically when it comes to hearing their voice. Generation to generation passes down this unintentionally harmful way of children and adult relationships that stunt potential growth, maturity, and a positive future.
  • Serve & Return: Building Critical Thinking Skills with Youth  – Have you ever wished that young people would make better choices? Have you ever wondered why young people seem to lack impulse control? This “Serve and Return” method focuses on adults being the leaders to help youth become critical thinkers and rationalize through challenging situations. This training will strengthen adult competencies by teaching nine questioning techniques.
  • Social Media 101  – “WhatsAPP?” This course is for mentors, parents, and youth workers who want more information to be social media savvy in this entertaining course! Do you know the lingo or the apps that your teens are using? Do you understand their features? Promote social internet safety with basic user knowledge.
  • Understanding the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act And Individualized
    Education Program (IEP) 
    – This training will cover topics that cover the law, criteria for an IEP, how to ask for it and the evaluation process, understanding the IEP, measuring goals, behavior plan, and more! There are so many acronyms and difficult to understand processes, come unlock the mystery at this great training for parents and youth counselors.


  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Certification (8 hours) – Have you ever wondered what to do when someone you know is having an emotional crisis? One out of four people you meet has struggled with a mental health problem at some point. But there is hope. And it is you. Get certified to be a mental health first aid responder and recognize the signs of an oncoming mental health crisis.
  • Trauma-Informed Care  – In this session we take a hard look at how traumatic experiences can affect every aspect of a child’s life and development. This course is designed to shed light on how a child’s behavior, learning, and social emotional development are impacted by adversity. Learn the 101 on how the brain grows and changes based on trauma.
  • Bullying Interventions  – This interactive course will provide attendees with an understanding of how Florida’s legislation regarding bullying is implemented in Duval County Public Schools (DCPS). Attendees will also gain insight into how to recognize, report and prevent bullying in the schools and greater Jacksonville Community. Through examples and non-examples, interactive role play and comprehensive dialogue we will discuss our roles and ability to have a positive impact on the epidemic of bullying.

David P. Weikart – Center for Youth Program Quality (CYPQ)

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