TEDxYouth@Jacksonville Talks Are Live!

The videos from the TEDxYouth@Jacksonville event are live on the TEDx Talks YouTube channel. The talks, which covered a range of topics from mental health to climate change, were delivered by six Duval County High School students: senior Jabrea Ali, junior Mario Barrozo, junior Aidan Chau, sophomore Jessica Malosh, junior Winston Seabrooks, and senior Zariah Swanigan. There is also a video of the Raines High School Marching Band performing the “Sound of Experience.”

Stop the cycle of Intergenerational Trauma. You Matter 

Jabrea Ali 



The American Education System Needs to Change 

Mario Barrozo 



A solution to Climate Change: Algae

Aidan Chau 



Interconnected, Yet Lonely – Re-think Social Media Posts

Jessica Malosh



Bringing Hope and Pride Back to Your Inner City School

Winston Seabrooks



The Power of a Compliment 

Zariah Swanigan



Raines High School Marching Band “Sound of Experience” 

Raines High School Band