Mentoring is a one-to-one relationship between two people sustained over time. Volunteer mentors typically commit to one hour each week, but this varies from program to program. Those in need of mentoring (mentees) range from kindergarten to high school-aged youth.

Mentoring Programs

  • Site-Based Mentoring:

Site-based mentoring takes place at predetermined locations, such as a child’s school, place of worship or the mentor’s agency. Mentors are not permitted to transport the mentee with site based mentoring.

  • Community-Based Mentoring:

Community-based mentoring is where the mentor and mentee spend time together outside of school doing such activities such as going to the zoo, visiting a museum or enjoying a Jacksonville Jaguars game. This type of mentoring may require more time, depending on the program. Mentors are permitted to transport the mentee and in some cases, pay for some activities.

  • Progressive Mentoring:

Progressive mentoring begins as a site-based relationship at a specified location and gradually moves to an offsite location.