Support Service Providers

The Kids Hope Alliance also provides funding and support services that help children who have encountered barriers to their success to find help through timely and appropriate services. These services include case management programs, teen pregnancy prevention and dropout prevention.

Case Management:

  • Youth Crisis Center, Family Connection
  • Daniel Memorial,  Journey to Success

Dropout Prevention:

  • Alternative to Truancy and Out of School Suspension (ATOSS)
  • PACE Center for Girls                                                                     

Help for Homeless Children:

Sulzbacher Center

The Children’s Program at the Sulzbacher Center provides critical developmental screenings, parenting skills classes, learning tools and comprehensive needs assessments to homeless children and families. Children are linked to resources designed to prevent academic failure.

Daniel Memorial, Project Prepare

Homelessness is not only an adult problem . . . countless teens also find themselves living on the streets. This problem is most prevalent among youth that age out of foster care and suddenly find themselves homeless, without a support network, and completely unprepared to survive on their own. In partnership with the Kids Hope Alliance, the City of Jacksonville, and the United Way, Daniel provides the housing, support and training necessary to safely transition these teens to living independently as productive members of our community. The staff of Daniel’s Project Prepare Program helps approximately 60 homeless youth each year by providing temporary residence in our twelve unit efficiency apartment complex or helping them secure other low-cost housing.

Children with Special Needs and Care:

Kids Hope Alliance funded special needs programs provide therapeutic services to children with special needs due to conditions such as Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Microcephaly and many medically complex situations that prevent them from attending other programs. Children attending these programs receive therapy, behavioral health services and self-help training in home and afterschool programs.