Afterschool Program Locator Tool

The Jacksonville Children’s Commission (JCC) and the City’s Information Technology GIS (Geographical Information Systems) group have created an online Afterschool Program Locator Tool to help families identify a conveniently located afterschool program. The Afterschool Program Locator Tool provides families with an easy to use and intuitive site to quickly learn which afterschool programs are

Childcare Centers Provide High Quality Summer Learning Experiences

Some parents and teachers want children to be able to ‘play’ all summer and just enjoy themselves. But research tells us that when children, even young children, are not engaged in educational activities in the summer they can experience a drop in their academic skills. This is what the experts call the ‘Summer Slide’. Fotunatley, the ‘Summer Slide’ can

Jax Receives NLC Grant

Jacksonville, FL was one of eight cities selected by the National League of Cities (NLC) to participate in the Cities Expanding Health Access to Children and Families (CEHACF) Initiative!

CEHACF will help cities implement comprehensive campaigns to reduce the uninsured rate for children and families in each of the selected cities. Families with health insurance reduce emergency room visits, avoid

Program Locator Tool

The Jacksonville Children’s Commission has teamed up with the City’s Information Technology GIS (Geographical Information Systems) group to create a new site! This site is a tool for families with children who are looking for summer camps or Summer BreakSpot feeding sites. It helps them identify summer camp and feeding site locations and learn more about each site.

Elements of

Summer Camps

460 Additional Summer Camp Seats Open

Mayor Alvin Brown recently signed a bill that will increase Summer Camp Programs by 460 additional seats. This bill, introduced by Council Member Kimberly Daniels, was passed unanimously by City Council on Tuesday, June 24. The funding will be awarded to 12 summer camp providers to increase the number of seats available at their camps. The city currently sponsors 84 summer

JCC Offers Free Child I.D.’s to the Community

JCC is now offering free Child I.D.’s to the community as a result of a partnership with New York Life’s Jacksonville General Office. The equipment and materials to run the program were donated to JCC by William Grub, managing partner of New York Life’s Jacksonville General Office.

The Child I.D. program is a national child identification program, which captures critical identification

Jessica Broadway

JCC Highlighted In The Florida Times Union

Recently, the Jacksonville Children’s Commission was highlighted in The Florida Times Union as a key component to the success of a young lady living in Jacksonville. Children are given a chance to succeed due to the great work of JCC and other organizations. Check out the entire story of Jessica Broadway here.

Don Brewer

Don Brewer Early Learning Center Will Reopen In August

More than 120 children from neighborhoods in Jacksonville’s Urban Core will be able to enroll in Head Start classes at the Don Brewer Early Learning Center this fall, thanks to a lease agreement between the Jacksonville Children’s Commission (JCC) and Lutheran Services of Florida (LSF).

“This public-private partnership will provide important benefits to families and children in East Jacksonville,” said

JCC Youth Travel Trust Fund

JCC Now Accepting Applications For Newly Reinstated Youth Travel Trust Fund

For the first time since 2009, JCC is now accepting applications for youth related groups in need of funding for travel through the Youth Travel Trust Fund (YTTF).  The YTTF is a fund established by the City of Jacksonville and administered by the Commission to offer financial support to school and community-based sports teams and performing groups travelling in