Afterschool Program Locator Tool

The Jacksonville Children’s Commission (JCC) and the City’s Information Technology GIS (Geographical Information Systems) group have created an online Afterschool Program Locator Tool to help families identify a conveniently located afterschool program. The Afterschool Program Locator Tool provides families with an easy to use and intuitive site to quickly learn which afterschool programs are most conveniently available to them based on their location.

The site uses map-based software, which allows families to enter an addressWAL_CMYK_positive or select a general area (zip code or council district). The tool then generates both a map and list of locations and gives users the option to click an icon to learn more about the afterschool program. In addition, the Afterschool Program Locator Tool provides an image of the program location in the details window of each site. Users also may scroll through an image list of all afterschool program locations and select a site to be shown on a map by clicking that image.

“Children should have access to quality afterschool programs in Jacksonville,” said Jon Heymann, Children’s Commission CEO. “The Afterschool Program Locator Tool provides easily accessible information for families interested in learning about afterschool programs provided by JCC. With the goal of expanding participation, this tool is an excellent resource for families and the community.”

In 2012, JCC was selected by The Wallace Foundation to participate in a system-building initiative to strengthen afterschool programs by establishing uniform quality standards, enhancing data collection and expanding participation to improve programs and outcomes. The Afterschool Program Locator Tool was developed with support from this grant.

JCC will provide afterschool programs to approximately 9,500 Duval County children this coming school year. Quality afterschool programs are one of JCC’s core services and flagship programs. These programs operate in two models: TEAM UP school-based programs and Community-based programs, which are located throughout the city in a variety of community centers and nonprofit organizations.

The Afterschool Program Locator Tool can be found by clicking ‘Find an Afterschool Program at or by clicking the image below.

Afterschool Program Locator Tool