The Wallace Foundation Provides Generous Support

WAL_CMYK_positiveThrough the financial, technical and strategic planning and support provided by The Wallace Foundation and its partners in system-building, we have established a long term vision to develop a coordinated system of afterschool programs that promote education, health and safety for the children of Jacksonville in grades K – 12.

Our specific goals include building a system of support to continuously improve the quality of afterschool programs, city wide, through well-defined standards, professional training and development as well as the use of practical program assessment tools. Additionally, we are working to develop intentional strategic partnerships with other organizations to expand the participation of children, families and providers with JCC while offering value to community organizations which share our goals, but may not be funded by JCC. Finally, we expect to make significant improvements in reliable data through advancements and or modernization of data processes, reporting and our MIS technology to support program quality and expanded participation with solutions that provide true data driven decision making resources and tools.

We would like to give special thanks to The Wallace Foundation, as this work without their philanthropic commitment, could not otherwise be possible. We would also like to thank  The National League of Cities, The John W. Gardner Center for Youth and their Communities at Stanford University and the National Institute on Out-of-School Time at the Wellesley Centers for Women – Wellesley College, Cross & Joftus as well as many other subject matter experts who have contributed countless hours to our ongoing work to improve the education, health and safety of our community’s children through this afterschool and out-of-time systems building initiative.